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Consistently good quality food and punctual service

Anthony, 18 Sep 2020

Ordered and was delivered 23 minutes earlier than told.

Carly, 30 May 2019

I would rather pay more and have more of the important ingredients, like more meat in the curries, more prawns in the fresh rolls etc. Curries are a little bit lame, but the freshness is good

Greg, 26 Apr 2019

gotta love a Thai night :)

Vanessa, 01 Mar 2019



Chewy beef. Thats not how meat is cooked in a Masamman.


Nicefood Keep it up


Our favourite local delivery service


my favourite thai takeaway!




Consistently very good


Very quick and very delicious. I'll be back.


yummy food


very tasty thai food and super fast delivery!


Food always of high quality with excellent service


Very tasty food. Delivery was slow - the timer didn't really represent reality but we would definitely order again.


Have recently started ordering with you- food has been excellent on all occasions.


Voucher saying 20% off for online orders. Not sure how to use it as there is no coupon code


Voucher saying 20% off for online orders. Not sure how to use it as there is no coupon code


Unable to apply discount promised in email


Unfortunately I did not receive the 20% discount which was advertised.


Really nice. Much quicker than expected - we only just made it in time


The discount said 20% in the text I got but it only came up as 55p on my order...?


I signed up to get the 20% discount but unsure how to claim it. The website can be quite hard to find the right information.


The food arrived late , way over the promised 45 minutes and was cold. When I called to complain and give the rusty bike the opportunity to explain or offer to replace the order as it was inedible due to the fact it arrived so late thry were rude , unfriendly and unhelpful.. avoid !

John B ,

I love rustybike you have lovely food so don't get me wrong when I say this but with the restriction of 15 pounds I often find single meal users are left a little priced out. I often order ether as a couple or on my own and come to the conclusion that it always feels better when you order for two... even if the result is the same. To give the singleton a boost I would recommend selling a dish that would be split into two quantities so they can eat over two nights making them feel better. thus you cover the cost of delivering and they feel better because they eat over two nights. personally Ive found your meals great reheated the next day but not everyone has the for thought on how to store it. food for thought... literally ;)